Barbecue at BNH’s – N宅でのバーベキュー



This summer the original plan was to spend about a week with colleagues and friends up in the Tyrolian mountains at about 3000m to learn basic techniques how to deal with snowy and icy conditions on mountains in general as well as learning and practising securing and rescueing techniques with ropes and so on. All that I had to cancel, since I had to accept, that my body is not a machine and after having suffered with really bad caugh, followed by fever, blocked nose, sore throat for more than 6 weeks, surely it is not the best idea to spend a week at -3C or less in snow and ice…

As a result I spent all my vacation in Vienna, which wasn’t bad at all in the end!! Weather was perfect, I did quite a lot of work in the appartment, trained a lot with Allora, looked after myself properly and started up my own training as well. As a last “event” before shooting off to this year’s Salzburg Festival, our complete family gather for a barbecue!!

休暇中ひげを伸ばしてみた弟のN!似合っていると思いますがどうするのかな? My brother B. who grew a beard in his vacationsSmilie: ;-) Suites him well, I think…let’s see, if it stays?

弟のNとY、グリラーに火をつけています。 My brothers N and J, getting the grill started!

第1準備は出来ました!! Stage 1 is ready!

野菜はアルミホイルに包んで蒸し焼きにするつもり...アローラは興味津々に見ています! Vegetables go in the aluminium foil to steam-grill them… and who is watching? Of course Allora!!

グリラーの準備が済むまでノートを手に何を描いているのかな? Waiting for the grill to be ready, J is being creative with a notebook in his handSmilie: ;-)

テラスから降りたは良いが、今度はどの様にして登るのか? Got down from the terrace fine, but how is he going to climb back up again?

降りたと同じ道を苦労して登り切ったY! SImply the same way as he got down I guess!!

火加減は良さそう! Fire looks good!

自慢げに近所から仕入れた肉を焼くN! B proudly grilling the meat from a closby butcherSmilie: ;-)


It was a great chilling evening before work starts up again…
When will it be the next time to have a relaxed evening like this again?


About WKH / K

I am a violinist, born in Salzburg, living and working in Vienna. Music is passion, dedication and love, which requires a lot of of discipline and time as well; but photography, nature, sport and animals play a important role in my life, too! Well, I guess it’s time to live my dreams instead of dreaming my life!!

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4 Responses to Barbecue at BNH’s – N宅でのバーベキュー

  1. Nice photo!
    All your family seem to have fun and good time at the cottage.

    • Dear TK,

      We indeed have a good time and it was a great way to finish the vacations and head for Salzburg Festival starting with Meistersinger rehersals!!

      all the best, WKH

      • I found Meistersinger video on the web site, and I found you and B-san are playing in the pit. There are no beard!

        • Dear TK,
          Meistersinger video is already online? WOW! Well, I was seriously hoping that B would keep his beard…thought it looked good, but unfortunately…first rehearsal in Salzburg was already without beard!!

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