Horse Riding in France – フランスで初めての乗馬!


After the exciting day at Parc Asterix we stayed with friends, celebrating their new home, their soon to be born baby as well as getting together and totally forgot about time…
The following day we headed for outside Paris again, this time direction south.
Loving all kinds of animals, having gathered plenty of experience in dog trainig is one thing, but what was waiting down south was something quite different…
Horse Riding!! Fully excited, yet a little nervous…I do admit…

まずは与えられた馬の洗浄。 First I had to wash the horse that I was to ride!

洗った後は、水を拭いてやり、乾くまで待ちます。 After washing, you wipe the water off and wait for it to dry.

サドル等を”取り付けたら”準備万端!先生に手伝ってもあり馬に乗りました!! After mounting the saddle all should be ready to go! WIth the help of a chair and the riding instructor I managed to get on as wellSmilie: ;-)

座ったは良いが緊張感はかなり高い!!見事に顔に出ています...Once sitting it feels a little better…but still…nervous!! I think it’s written all over my face…

今回の乗馬グループ!(左からR.S.氏、C.M.さん、K、V.S.さん) This time’s riding group (from left to right: R.S., C.M., WKH, VAS)

乗った後にはまたちゃんと洗ってあげ、おトイレの始末もきちんとしてあげないと... After riding, washing the horse again and of course cleaning up is required too!!


After starting at the riding school, we managed our way through the woods, then out on the field! Endlessly riding, enjoying the great view and the nature surrounding…sounds great? Well, it is!!
Just… well… a horse is big, strong, heavy and I do have to say, even I think I am used to handle animals, this is a scale bigger than what I am used to!! I have enjoyed it very much, even with a lot of respect!!
After getting off, I realized how tensed I was, but soon came the feeling, wouldn’t it be nice to go again? Well, I hope we will have the chance again sometime!!
A big Thanks to R.S. and C.M., who have invited us to this great afternoon!!!!


About WKH / K

I am a violinist, born in Salzburg, living and working in Vienna. Music is passion, dedication and love, which requires a lot of of discipline and time as well; but photography, nature, sport and animals play a important role in my life, too! Well, I guess it’s time to live my dreams instead of dreaming my life!!

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