Parc Asterix – アステリックス・パーク


The weather in Europe, specially around March, April May and June, so basically all spring, was simply catastrophic…
Well, nothing to do about it, our depature date to Parc Asterix, which is just outside Paris was coming closer…and…
yet again, the weather forecast didn’t look well at all!!
Heavy rain the night before, heavy rain in the morning and rain again after 4 p.m. :-/
What does that mean? Between morning and 4 p.m. must be ok?
That’s how we interpretated it and set off to Parc Asterix, eventhough we were getting almost fludded on the way…

遊園地についたら注文したかの様に雨は止んでいました!! As soon as we arrived, just like the order has been taken on time, rain had stopped!!

Le Grand Splashでスタート、次にはMenhir Expressと濡れる危険が大きい乗り物から挑戦しました! The first rides were “le Grand Splash” and “Menhir Express”, both rides, on which the risk of getting wet is very high… no it is guaranteed!!

The weather got better and better and to avoid haveing to cue for too long, we rushed to the newly opend “Oziris”!! I just love rollercoastersSmilie: ;-) It reminded me of the rides at Fujikyu Highland, which I went to a few years ago during a Japan tour…

ルーピングがメインなGoudurix “Goudurix” – a roller coaster specialized on loopings!!

途中ではお化け屋敷にも!! Not only roller coasters, but a scary attraction had to be on the list as wellSmilie: ;-)

時間のタイミングは完璧で、イルカのショーにも間に合いました! Timing was perfect and we made it for the dolphin show as well!!

ショーの一部として、”飼い主さん”の海水靴を盗んでしまうイルカ...トレーニングは大変でしょうが、楽しく鑑賞させて頂きました!! As a part of the show, the dolphin kept stealing the swimming shoes of the trainers…i am sure it is long way to train to get to this level, but we have enjoyed it a lot! ThanksSmilie: ;-)

予告通りに天気はどんどん悪くなり、最後に”Tonnerre de Zeus”という木造ローラーコースターにも乗れました!! As predicted the weather did get worse by the minute, so just before rain started again, my final ride of the day was Tonnerre de Zeus, a wooden construction rollercoaster.

Somehow the day was over far too fast…
Only for a few hours, but going back to kid’s age was fun and it was a absolutely great day!!!!


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I am a violinist, born in Salzburg, living and working in Vienna. Music is passion, dedication and love, which requires a lot of of discipline and time as well; but photography, nature, sport and animals play a important role in my life, too! Well, I guess it’s time to live my dreams instead of dreaming my life!!

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