From the Musikverein Wien to the State Opera ウィーン楽友協会から国立歌劇場へ

It was a day with fantastic blue sky, cold but fresh air and WKH was hoping for fresh & clear evening air as well.
Hoping payed off and since I had things to do in town anyway (pick some tickets up as well as VAS’s first color film shot with a Lomo Camera!!), I took my camera along and enjoyed some time for myself taking photos in a very quiet city, since everybody is away on school holidays…




Musikverein Wien at about 17.15, just before the lights go on 照明が着く直前、約午後5時15分頃の楽友協会

21mm is ok for vertical format, but can’t catch the whole building in horizontal format, even if squeezed to the wall of Künstlerhaus…a 15mm or even 12mm would be temptingSmilie: ;-) 縦長は21ミリで大丈夫だが、横長では、いくら背中を後ろの建物に押し付けても楽友協会が入り切らない...15ミリか12ミリがあればなSmilie: ;-)

It’s great to spend a little while as the lights get turned on section by section and the sky goes darker minute by minute! 一瞬足を止め、建物の照明が徐々についていくのを眺めるのも初めて...

I wish I could catch the whole of the Musikverein like this, but with the Karlskirche in the back…
of course I can go further back, but then I get poles, electrical wires in the way…so yet again 15mm or 12mm?? Smilie: :-D
もっと後ろに下がれば入りますが、そしたら電柱や、電線が邪魔...やはり15ミリか12ミリが解決案かな?? (笑)

View towards the Albertina アルベルティーナへ向かって

View towards the State Opera having gone up the esalator of the Albertina アルベルティーナのエスカレーターを上がってみたオペラ座

A little self portrait in the form of a shadow… 影の形で撮ってみたセルフ・ポートレート

Escalator of Albertina, just one for going up…I am sure there are elevators as well, but I took the stairs on the side of the building to come down

Yet again the State Opera またまた国立歌劇場

The State Opera with the Sausage Stand across the road, a buzzing place during intermissions of a performance!!

Just outside Burgarten is a statue of Goethe ブルグガルテンの外にあるゲーテの像

If you cross the ringroad and walk in the direction Goethe look, you arrive at Schiller square… リング道路を渡り、ゲーテが見ている方向へ歩いていくとシラー広場へ辿り着きます...

…with a statue of Schiller ...広場にはシラーの銅像が建っています

About WKH / K

I am a violinist, born in Salzburg, living and working in Vienna. Music is passion, dedication and love, which requires a lot of of discipline and time as well; but photography, nature, sport and animals play a important role in my life, too! Well, I guess it’s time to live my dreams instead of dreaming my life!!

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