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Dinner at Figlmüller in Vienna フィーゲルミュッラーでの夕食

After the long day travelling back to Vienna and VAS’s brother R with his girlfriend C arriving safely in Vienna after their very long day, we went to Figlmüller, a restaurant in the 1st district, well-known for its huge Schnitzels, … Continue reading

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Getting back from tour with Pretre turns into a long journey… プレトレとのツアーの帰りは長い旅行となりました...

The last concert of this tour was in Mannheim and getting back to Vienna was planned quite simply: Leave the hotel at 07.15 with the bus heading for the airport Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe. Flight leaving at 10.00, arriving back in Vienna at … Continue reading

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On tour with Pretre – Day 3 in Mannheim プレトレとの演奏旅行 その3 – マンハイム

For WKH Mannheim has lots more memories than many places! Having spend a lot of time with his friend R.S. and his wife, who are now in Munich, makes this city a special place… However coming here to play with … Continue reading

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On tour with Pretre – Day 2 in Berlin プレトレとの演奏旅行 その2 – ベルリン

Berlin has lots of memories for WKH going back a long way, but since having entered the orchestra it all starts with the Beethoven Cycle in 2001 (Rattle as conductor). Cold and snowy weather again as it was, when we … Continue reading

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On tour with Pretre – Day 1 Part 2 in Paris プレトレとの演奏旅行 その2 – パリ

Théâtre des Champs-Élysées is like our home in Paris. Warmly welcomed by the staff (G.J., who has been taking care of us for so long was celebrating her birthday on the day of the concert!) as well as the audience … Continue reading

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On tour with Pretre – Day 1 Part 1 in Paris プレトレとの演奏旅行 その1 – パリ

After the first three concerts in Vienna, the concert tour with Pretre started. Day 1 was Paris, followed by Berlin and Mannheim. Due to heavy snow, our departure from Vienna was considerably delayed (originally 4 hours…then only 2 hours), change … Continue reading

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Cooking with JYH 14  Yとの料理セッション 14

The new year has started and it is time again for “Cooking with JYH”!! So far we have been making enough different kinds of pastas, JYH has finally realized, that ordering pizzas is quite expensive and tasetwise not really satisfiying, … Continue reading

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Sunrise at Erdbergerlände Wien ウィーン・エルドベルガーレンデにての日の出

It’s still winter here in Vienna, but since no snow at the moment, going jogging in the morning feels great and let’s the day start in a different way!! Starting at the Prater bridge, running along the Erdbergerlände towards Simmering … Continue reading

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Colleagues before first concert with Pretre – プレトレとの初コンサート前の同僚達

J.K., section leader from the 1st violins and J.K. from the 2nd violins 第1バイオリン首席のJ.K.氏と第2バイオリンのJ.K.氏 E.S. from the 1st violins 第1バイオリンのE.S.氏 2nd oboe A.Ö. and cello substitute J.R. caught in the mirror… 鏡の世界でキャッチした第2オーボエのA.Ö.氏とチェロのエキストラJ.R.氏 …zooming out from the mirror to reality was P.K. from … Continue reading

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Colleagues during rehearsal with Pretre Day2 – プレトレとのリハーサル中の同僚達 その2

Pretre and H.W., ex-solo viola, retired but in great shape プレトレと引退したが大変元気な元首席ビオラのH.W.氏 Pretre discussing harmonic issues with the pianist, playing in Strawinsky シュトラビンスキーのピアニストと打ち合わせをするプレトレ WKH/K

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