Ball der Wiener Philharmoniker 2013 Preparations Part 6 “Weingalerie – Big Bottle”2013年度ウィーン・フィル舞踏会へ向けての準備 その6

Finally the “Weingalerie – Big Bottle” is finished!!!
I can’t imagine we managed to get it all done in time…
All the possible slippery corners have been mastered, icy downhill sections safely passed and tricky passages also mastered!
We have done all we can do and now we hope that our colleagues and guests will enjoy the atmosphere and the great selection of wine amongst all the dancing and music which will be going on in the whole building and keep them busy for the whole night upstairs aas well as downstairs!!!


About WKH / K

I am a violinist, born in Salzburg, living and working in Vienna. Music is passion, dedication and love, which requires a lot of of discipline and time as well; but photography, nature, sport and animals play a important role in my life, too! Well, I guess it’s time to live my dreams instead of dreaming my life!!

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2 Responses to Ball der Wiener Philharmoniker 2013 Preparations Part 6 “Weingalerie – Big Bottle”2013年度ウィーン・フィル舞踏会へ向けての準備 その6

  1. Dear WKH-san,
    Wunderbar! This exhibition must be really great as gold!!
    Could you please show us the several photos if your colleagues are OK?
    I sure am looking forward to the exhibition in Japan at some future date!!!

    I am very interested in Austrian wine, and like to know your choice.
    It is not easy to get Aus wine / information in Japan…
    The only way is to go Vienna to listen to WPH and to drink wine like fish(!?)
    Is this ‘Schloss Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner Tradition’ made in Kamptal?
    I remember the taste clearly (only in a regular bottle).
    How is the Big Bottle!?

    The best of health to you!

    • Dear Shiga-san!
      Sorry to reply so late…
      Iam glad you have enjoyed the exhibition, even if only in form of photos on my blog!
      I wish to be able to have more exhibitions in future, but well…not easy!

      Unfortunately it is not too easy to get Austrian Wine in Japan, but I think it is getting more and more popular recently.
      The bottle you saw at the ball is the wine that you have mentioned and was really great!
      regular bottle is fine too, but a big bttle has again something for itself.

      all the best and hope to see you soon again.

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