Ball der Wiener Philharmoniker 2013 ウィーン・フィル舞踏会 2013年

In less than 4 hours, the 72nd Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is about to open!!
Last preparations are running full speed and tension is rising second by second…
… and so is WKH’s pulse !!!

Colleague of the 1st violins and Ballchef A.G. had handed over the task of turning one of the rooms in the Musikverein Vienna into a wine gallery.
A wine gallery not only for enjoying rare & exclusive wines of Austria, but also to enjoy some of WKH’s photographic works.
Details of the “making of” shall follow, but since there is still lots more to do before 22.00, it’s time to go for now!

Let’s enjoy the evening!!!





Rehearsing with Dudamel, who will be conducting the opening of the Ball for the first time! ウィーン・フィル舞踏会を指揮するのは今回が初めてなデュダメール!

A.G., colleague of the 1st violins and Ballchef under enormous stress, but handling everything in a highly professional manner!! 舞踏会開始時間が迫って来てストレスレベルも最高レベルに近くなって来ていますが、第1バイオリンの同僚、舞踏会の責任者A.G.氏は全てを完璧にマスター!

Going down one floor is the Wine Gallery “Big – Bottle”!!!
Lots and lots of great wines as well as interesting views caught by WKH and realization made by Thomas M. Mayrhofer

地下一階に下りるとワインギャラリー”Big – Bottle”に辿り着きます!!!
オーストリアの最高級ワインが並ぶ中、オケ内から撮ったKの写真の展示が建築家、アーティストThomas M. Mayrhoferによって実現されました!

About WKH / K

I am a violinist, born in Salzburg, living and working in Vienna. Music is passion, dedication and love, which requires a lot of of discipline and time as well; but photography, nature, sport and animals play a important role in my life, too! Well, I guess it’s time to live my dreams instead of dreaming my life!!

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