Hiking at Hohe Wand ホーヘ・ワンドでのハイキング

Lot of snow + free day = out to Hohe Wand and go hiking!!
Well, it’s been a long time that we wanted to go, but finally all conditions are matching!!

The drive out (about 70km) was easy, but going up the road towards the area, where WKH always parks the car (Skywalk, Hotel Post) was a bit more of a adventureSmilie: ;-) Once parked the car, it was just amazing!! Lots of snow, no matter where you look, Allora going nuts racing around, WKH, VAS, R and C behaving like children, who have seen their first snow Smilie: :-D

This hike will not have been the last time this season, can’t wait to go up again and enjoy sinking into snow…

大雪 + 一日フリー = ホーヘ・ワンドへハイキング!!




About WKH / K

I am a violinist, born in Salzburg, living and working in Vienna. Music is passion, dedication and love, which requires a lot of of discipline and time as well; but photography, nature, sport and animals play a important role in my life, too! Well, I guess it’s time to live my dreams instead of dreaming my life!!

Category(s): Nature & Mountains 自然&登山

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