Getting back from tour with Pretre turns into a long journey… プレトレとのツアーの帰りは長い旅行となりました...

The last concert of this tour was in Mannheim and getting back to Vienna was planned quite simply:
Leave the hotel at 07.15 with the bus heading for the airport Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe.
Flight leaving at 10.00, arriving back in Vienna at 11.30.
WKH’s plan then would have been to pick up the tickets for the Wiener Philharmoniker Ball at the office and head for a appointment in the 22nd district at 14.00, then gym at 19.00. So far so goodSmilie: ;-)

Plans are there to be changed (?!), especially if the weather (to be precise, heavy snow) gets involved…
This is how it worked out in the end:
Leave the hotel at 07.15 with the bus heading for the airport Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe.
Boarding the plane at 10.00.
After an explanation of the situation by the captain, sitting in the airplane for 45min…
sitting in the plane for some more time…
and even more…
A few minutes after 12.00, the plane finallyt departed and after de-icing, finally take off.
Since Vienna airport finally closed for the day and nearby airports didn’t work for us either, we landed in Brno (CZ).
Coordination with the ground was excellent and 20 minutes after landing, the buses arrived and we set off heading for Vienna.
Arrival at the Vienna State Opera at 16.45Smilie: ;-)

42 colleagues who were sheduled to play Rosenkavalier the same evening  were even able to play their call as planned…

As we say in German “Ende gut, alles gut!”…
…but to be honest, it made me have a really good think about several issues yet again!

07時15分 ホテル出発、バスでバーデン・バーデン/カールスルーへの飛行場へ移動

計画は変更する為にあるもの?! ...特に雪が降った場合...という訳で実際は:
07時15分 ホテル出発、バスでバーデン・バーデン/カールスルーへの飛行場へ移動
10時 ボーディング
16時45分 ウィーン国立歌劇場へ無事到着!



JYH send me these photos that he had taken of our cars, as he found them in the morning! 弟のYが朝起きた時点で雪に埋もれた車の写真を撮って送ってくれました!

JYH was supposed to pick us up from the airport…but what he found once he got there was…
flights over flights being either cancelled, delayed or diverted…私達を迎えにくる筈だったY...飛行場で彼を待っていたのは...遅れたか、リルートされたかキャンセルされた飛行機のリストアップ!!

Giving up waiting at the airport, JYH, who was looking after Allora while WKH was on tour, took Allora to the park and had lots of fun in snow!! 飛行場で待っていても意味が無いので、Kの家へ帰り、アローラをつれて公園へ!雪が積もっていて楽しそう!!

A big THANK YOU!! to JYH, to our staff in Vienna as well as the staff travelling with us, to the airplane crew and all the people who helped us out on the way back to Vienna!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

アローラの面倒を見てくれていたY、ウィーンと旅行先で頑張ってくれたオーケストラのスタッフを始め、飛行機のクルーと影で私達のウィーン帰りを準備してくれた方々に大きな感謝の拍手!!!! 本当に有り難うございました!!


About WKH / K

I am a violinist, born in Salzburg, living and working in Vienna. Music is passion, dedication and love, which requires a lot of of discipline and time as well; but photography, nature, sport and animals play a important role in my life, too! Well, I guess it’s time to live my dreams instead of dreaming my life!!

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