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Colleagues during rehearsal with Pretre Day1 – プレトレとのリハーサル中の同僚達 その1

PRETRE AND CONERTMASTER V.S. プレトレとコンマスのV.S.氏 Section leader H.K. from the 1st violins 第1バイオリン首席のH.K.氏 E.S. and section leader J.K. from the 1st violins 第1バイオリンのE.S.氏と首席のJ.K.氏 WKH/K

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WPH production with Pretre Day1 プレトレとのウィーン・フィル・プロダクション その1

The first philharmonic production in 2013, after the New Year’s concert with Welser-Möst, was with Pretre. A total of 6 concerts, our Soiree, Saturday & Sunday Abonnement in Vienna followed by concerts on tour in Paris, Berlin and Mannheim. Program: … Continue reading

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