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Chocolate Brownie チョコレート・ブラウニー

While colleagues are on tour, the ones who stay home are on duty in the opera almost every night. A few years ago during the Medea production, we started to bring in cakes and all kinds of self made food … Continue reading

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Beerenoberstorte  ベリー・クリーム・ケーキ

WKH, actually studied music, in particular violin, loves photography, can very well live for sport, also dog sport, at the same time loves to eat…sorry, lives to eat and last but not least, enjoys all sorts of baking! Christmas time … Continue reading

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Blog still not catching up in time… 未だに遅れをとっているブログ...

There are things that have been bugging WKH as writing a blog, which was also the same writing the old blog. Just like a diary, writing everyday is what I would like to do, however getting photos ready, structure text … Continue reading

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Cooking with JYH 06  Yとの料理セッション 06

Potato gratin with Coppa ham – コッパ・ハム入りのポテト・グラタン After all these pasta recipes, we felt like we needed to have a little change : as the agreement with JYH was : easy, fast & cheap recipes, we decided that a potato … Continue reading

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Cooking with JYH 05  Yとの料理セッション 05

Chicken Carbonara alla VAS – V風チキン・カルボナーラ Now that we have covered the few basics (Pesto, Carbonara and Bolognese), we are heading to a few variations on the classics. The Chicken Carbonara is one of VAS’s favourite pasta recipes. It is … Continue reading

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Allora has a new friend!? アローラの新しい友達!?

On the way from Torino to Verona (by bus), we had to make a stop at one of the gas stations for a break. And there was a little rubber piggy in pink, who would make a noise, which reminded … Continue reading

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Eating out on tour with Gatti (Torino, Verona) ガッティとの演奏旅行中発見したレストラン (トリノ、ベロナ)

Since WKH is going to the gym regularly following a strict training schedule, he is very disciplined when it comes to food as well. On tour, this is of course more difficult since cooking is not on… Long lasting milk, muesli, … Continue reading

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