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Brahms 4 Symphonies with Gatti ガッティとのブラームス交響曲全集

WKH’s first philharmonic production this season was the 4 Brahms Symphonies with Gatti. Rehearsals started second half of September, concerts were first in Vienna (Abonnement and Soiree), then on tour in Madrid, Barcelona, Torino, Verona, Cologne and Bratislava, which made … Continue reading

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Cooking with JYH 04  Yとの料理セッション 04

Today’s dish for “Cooking with JYH” was: “Flusskrebse – Spaghetti in Weisser Sauce” (Shrimp Spaghetti in white sauce) After visiting some “classics” (Pesto, Carbonara & Bolognese : but we forgot to take pictures of the last one), we have decided … Continue reading

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Health Care Trucks from UNIQA ウニカ社の健康診断トラック

Since coming back end of August from Salzburg, WKH has been religiously sticking to his training schedule continuing what he has started during his stay in Salzburg exercise-wise as well as watching what and when he eats like a maniac. … Continue reading

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Cooking with JYH 03  Yとの料理セッション 03

Cooking with JYH is still on and going really good! It is now the 3rd week and the menu of the day is: Radiatori al Pesto. After last week’s Carbonara, Pesto is another one of the most classical sauces used … Continue reading

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Allora at the Aschenwaldschau Exhibition アッシェンワルド展示会に出場

In July and August, WKH went to America unexpectedly, couldn’t take Allora to Finland as originally planned, couldn’t do the tracking training as wanted in Salzburg due to lack of available grounds, then Allora injured her paws (yet again!), and … Continue reading

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Cooking with JYH 02  Yとの料理セッション 02

Well, “Cooking with JYH” did not end up as a one off, so here comes Vol.2 Today’s menu is: Bucatini carbonara (alla Carluccio) and simply a fresh salad. Unlike most of us think, pasta alla carbonara is not necessarily a … Continue reading

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Cooking with JYH 01  Yとの料理セッション 01

Even though WKH and his brother JYH have been living in the same city, there have been years going past with not much contact, which has changed about 2 years ago, rediscovering each other and now spending great times together! … Continue reading

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Once arrived back in Vienna, drafting up a “ToDo List”! ウィーンに帰り”する事リスト”作成!

Being off duty for the Vienna Philharmonic’s new season’s 1st production, the first production for WKH was with Gatti, starting middle of September, playing all four Brahms Symphonies. Until then were rehearsals in the State Opera and work that had … Continue reading

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Ian Bousfield leaves the orchestra…  イアン・バウスフィールド、ウィーン・フィルを辞める...

Arriving back in Vienna after the Summer Festival in Salzburg, WKH was facing a calmer first half of September. Not having played the last concert in Salzburg with Haitink meant also being off for the first Philharmonic production at the … Continue reading

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Ruggiero Ricci dies at the age of 94 ルッジェーロ・リッチ先生、94歳で永眠される

Unfortunately this year’s summer in Salzburg won’t let WKH go back to Vienna with only positive memories… “05.08.2012 Ruggiero Ricci dies of heart failure ” I knew, this news was going to hit me at some point, but once it … Continue reading

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